Trust U3A

About Trust u3a

What does it mean to be part of the u3a movement?

If you are no longer in full time work or raising a family - we call it your third age – u3a gives you opportunities to develop your interests, make new friends and have fun. There are more than 1,000 u3as - spread right across the UK - whose members are making the most of life by continuing their educational, social or creative interests in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. You can find a u3a near you by visiting one of the u3a Regional Websites.

All u3as welcome Third Agers - whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever your circumstances – and provide opportunities for to continue your creative, educational and social activities.

Trust u3a is an online u3a that gives you the opportunity to join groups, talks and courses. Like any u3a are activities a run by our members for our members. Take a look at our Groups page, for details of our Trust u3a groups, courses and talks. Trust u3a members can join groups etc via the Trust u3a, Beacon Members Portal.

This site also has a tab that will take you to the national website where you can see the details of forthcoming national Events and Activities, send us a message via our main Contact, or complete our Registration Form to join Trust u3a if you haven't already.