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Good news - many groups will now be resuming face to face meetings at the Thursdays, so please refer to the September 2021 programme for information. A few groups continue via Zoom, as indicated in the programme; please email the contact if you wish to attend so they can send you the Zoom link for the meeting. Hybrid meetings (concurrent face to face and via Zoom) are problematic and will not take place.

Guidance from our chairman John Pratt about recommencement of face to face meetings:

We will of course need to take suitable precautions to keep the clubhouse well ventilated, clean and safe. The committee has found great difficulty in clarifying the requirement for face coverings at the Thursdays. We have decided to take a common sense approach and the use of face coverings will be optional.
I am sure that like me, most of you are really looking forward to resuming face to face meetings but we all need to feel safe so we would ask you all to follow the guidance set out below
1. All members should make their own assessment as to whether they are comfortable and feel safe attending face-to-face meetings again.
2. The wearing of face coverings at group meetings in the Clubhouse will be optional.
3. Social distancing is no longer a requirement, but if members prefer to do so they should arrange it with the Group Leader.
4. The Group Leader will try to ensure adequate ventilation via doors and windows. Members should be aware that this may become difficult during the winter.
5. The Group Leader will ensure that hand and surface sanitisation products are available for use before the meeting starts.
6. All members must sign in at the Group meeting and ensure that the Group Leader has their contact details.
7. Members who have NOT BEEN DOUBLE VACCINATED should contact the Group Leader for consultation prior to attendance.
8. Nobody should attend a Group if they feel ill. Anyone becoming ill with Covid-19 type symptoms in the 10 days following a group meeting should inform the Group Leader immediately and follow the rules on the Welsh Govt website regarding isolation and testing.
9. If the Group Leader informs you that someone in your recent Group meeting has contracted Covid 19, you do not have to isolate unless you have NOT been fully vaccinated (2 doses).

Finally, thank you once again for all your support during the Pandemic and I look forward to being able to meet face to face with as many as possible of you in September

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